October, 2016  -  

The feature film directed by Michael Manaserri & edited by Stewart Shevin

begins its run in theaters. Watch the trailer.

Often when a regime wants to secure power by perpetrating xenophobia, mass incarceration, racism and at worse - genocide, the path to that evil involves reducing their victims to an evil, sub or non-human state. Then it is easier for their lemmings to dispose of them. It could be said that journalists unknowingly play into that narrative by depicting their victims at their most devastated.

In this piece we hoped to help us remember the horrid simplicity that victims of genocide are not merely stacks of bodies or ashes. They were people of vibrance - like you or me. That's the inspiration for this clip Gail Offen, Sheldon Cohn and I created for the Holocaust Memorial Center:

How do you go home to a place you’ve never been?

Composer Dan Yessian journeys from his youth as a son of immigrants of the Armenian diaspora to discovery of a tragic past - the Armenian Genocide.

The story is told through an insightful musical trilogy scored by Mr. Yessian and performed by the

Armenian National Philharmonic Orchestra.

Edited and associate produced by Stewart Shevin, this film is being premiered at the Detroit Free Press Film Festival

the weekend of April 13, 2019.  

Two peoples. Two histories. One mission.

Shared Legacies is a feature length documentary that delves into the relationship between Blacks and Jews in the Civil Rights Movement , how it flourished, and how it devolved after the 1960’s .

Editor Stewart Shevin takes us on a journey that is specific to the American experience. The film was premiered at the

Atlanta Film Festival in February, 2020.