“bulls” client: ford

“karma” • client: toyota prius

“true colors” • client: dove

“testing” • client: porsche

“of note” • client: the new york times

“lick” • client: doritos

“ride home” • client: realestate.com

“whole country” • client: chevrolet

“dreaming” • client: adobe

“art of timing” • client: seiko

“my truck” • client: chevy truck

“conveyor” • client: symantec

“pauly the penquin” • client: cox

“a day in the life” • client: gm

“hands” • client: discover card

“old school” • client: chevrolet

“e=dte” • client: detroit edison

“leaves” • client: chevy truck

“zoom zoom” •  mazda

“cottage” • client: bcbs

“katrina” • client: southwest airlines

“hide and seek”client: stop the traffic

“every second” • client: onstar

“telling a story” • client: alinea

“paperboy” • client: gannett

“protect yourselfclient: king

“first light” • client: philips

“icons” client: nissan

“sergeant john lewis” • client: battlelines

“voices” • pnc bank

“hiding” • client: ad council

“mcclain family reunion” • client: humana

“slide”  us cellular

“chain reaction” •   chevrolet

“ceremonial guard”  •  us navy

“home” • client: olympic paint

“dayvon’s dream”  •  film short

southwest airlines • “katrina”

film short “the ass”